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Comprehensive Eye Exam

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Whether your eyes require correction or not, eye health is an important part of your overall health and wellness. Regular eye and vision exams may help prevent serious vision changes that can alter the course of your life. At Clearview Optometry in Milton Ontario, Neil Bajaj, OD, offers complete eye exams for patients of all ages and needs. To schedule your eye exam, call the office or use the online booking feature to schedule an appointment today.

Q & A

What is a comprehensive eye exam?

A comprehensive eye exam is like an annual physical for your eye. And like your annual physical exam, this exam is focused on preventive care.

Unfortunately, many eye diseases develop without causing noticeable symptoms, and if left untreated they may cause permanent damage to your vision that may ultimately lead to blindness. This eye exam is designed to assess the health and function of your eyes, as well as identify and treat conditions before they lead to serious vision loss.

What can I expect during the exam?

You can expect a thorough evaluation when you come to Clearview Optometry for your comprehensive eye exam. Dr. Neil Bajaj utilizes modern technology to test vision and assess eye health. After a review of your medical and vision history, Dr. Bajaj may perform a number of specialized eye tests, such as:

  • Eye muscle test
  • Visual acuity
  • Refraction assessment
  • Color vision testing
  • Eye health exam
  • Retinal exam

Depending on your age and medical history, Dr. Bajaj may also screen for common eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

To schedule your comprehensive eye exam with an optometrist who’s focused on you and your health, contact Clearview Optometry by phone or online today.