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Start Fresh with Clearview Dental & Optometry

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Make the Most of Spring 2022

Today the sun is shining bright! Its intensity is also gaining momentum. Yes, spring is around the corner, and most Canadians can’t wait for everything that warmer weather brings. Many use spring as an opportunity for a fresh start. In many ways spring is a new beginning, and Clearview Dental & Optometry wants to offer you a fresh start. Our clinic is relatively new to Milton, ON. But we’re working hard to make visiting us fun and stress free. So, how can you make the most of spring 2022?

Spring Cleaning

After being hunkered down this winter and fighting off the last vestiges of COVID-19 we can finally come out of hiding and get some of our necessary annual and semi-annual appointments done. Appointments that improve the quality of life and keep us healthy. Spring is a great time to do a dental spring cleaning. Set yourself up for a long awaited, more social summer, with a healthy smile that starts with a cleaning and checkup. If it hasn’t been your routine, you can also use this opportunity, make a resolution, from this moment moving forward to have a good routine of brushing and flossing. While you’re at Clearview Dental, get any cavities repaired as well. That way if you decide to whiten your teeth, nothing will get in the way or slow your progress.

Don’t forget, at Clearview we have a fully equipped optometry lab where you can at the same time get your annual eye exam done. Imagine, walking out of our clinic with clean white teeth and a new pair of prescription shades that fit you perfectly. All while the warm spring sun shines on your face, what couldn’t you accomplish?

A New Look

More than just a tool to see clearly, eyeglasses have become a fashion accessory. Who says you should only own one pair of prescription glasses? Clearview Optometry has a large selection of frames to fit any style or budget. Change your glasses and change your look all with the support and care of Dr. Bajaj, your new optometrist.

Meanwhile, on the dental side of the clinic, find a wide range of cosmetic dental services that will transform your smile. As a new client of Clearview Dental, you get a free whitening treatment and tips from Dr. Kapadia on how to best use it. As well, Clearview works with Invisalign to straighten your smile without the use of conventional braces. Dental veneers are another option to completely renovate your teeth’s appearance. Finally, if you have any spaces or missing teeth, ask about implants and what they can do?

A Brighter Future

Having your eyes checked every year is important for your future eye health. Your eyesight can change for many reasons, and it can be subtle. Many health conditions that result in vision reduction can be treated if caught early. The importance of annually checking your eyes can’t be understated. Why not make it your custom to do it every spring? Make a fresh start for a brighter future at Clearview Optometry.

Oral health also doesn’t progress without effort and commitment. Clearview Dental is here to be your partner in the ongoing quest to have beautiful teeth and gums that last a lifetime. It takes time to fix your dental health if it was neglected in the past, but it can improve quickly with a few small lifestyle tweaks. Let us help you make good choices for dental prosperity without judgement.

A Different Atmosphere

Having a team that cares for you and your health can be refreshing. Not all clinics come at it the same. We want to be and are different. There is an energetic yet calming atmosphere at Clearview Dental & Optometry that you have to experience for yourself. Goodbye cold winter of 2021 and welcome spring 2022! Join us today as a new client, make a fresh start, and see how we are making going to your dentist / optometrist fun again!

10 Bronte Street South building in Unit # 202


We are conveniently located on the corner of Bronte St. and Main St. In the new 10 Bronte Street South building in Unit # 202. Accessible with lots of free parking. Minutes from Highway 401.